Timeline of events to 09/04/2021

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(2011) - Argument over Jade's behavior such as wasting most of each day scrolling through facebook, playing games, being on the phone with friends while not contributing to the household leads to me having her friend come pick her up because I did not want her to live with me anymore. From that, Jade calls the police and tells them I was physically abusive, and files an order of protection. A week later the order of protection was dropped. After spending a week in California for her other friend's birthday Jade convinced me to let her move back in.

(2012) - Jade and I start a polyamorous relationship with a friend from England that we both encouraged to stay past her visa for 5 months. After that relationship, we both entered into another polyamorous relationship with Katie.

(2013-2014) - Due to fears of Jade being deported, we both decided to stay together but agree to start an open relationship seeing dozens of people. Jade had regular intimate relationships with repeat men while I also had a few with other females.

(2015) - Jade and myself see other people intermittently, Moriah and Kayla being regular people we both were intimate with.

(2016) - I started a relationship with Elise that lasted over 6 months. Elise eventually stopped being intimate with me but continued to be friends with both Jade and myself. Later in 2016 Jade started talking with and being intimate with guys again. One guy, Mike, whom she has previously had intimate relations with.

(2017) - Jade, continuing to see other men starts a few relationships. The main relationship being with Nolan Montiel.

(01/05/2018) - Jade moves out of house to live with a friend, files for another order of protection with false allegations and take our children with her.

(01/16/2018) - Jade drops the order of protection.

(01/20/2018) - Both our minor children start staying with me Monday - Friday from 4pm overnight until 8AM the following morning and one full weekend day.

(FEBRUARY - JULY 2018) - Jade is seeing Nolan regularly.

(MAY 2018) – In an Argument over irrelevant things leads to Jade stating "I haven't wanted to be with you for years. Literally years" and "I fell out of love with you a long time before Nolan even came into the picture".

(JULY 2018) - Jade ends things with Nolan.

(10/27/2018) - After finding out the difficulty in obtaining her green card, Jade plans to move back in to my residence and work things out with me.

(JANUARY - AUGUST 2019) - Jade leads me to believe that she wants a relationship/marriage with me, yet spends most of the year complaining about responsibilities, saying she doesn’t love me intimately and reverting back to being unproductive in the relationship and parenting including her disdain for the house she didn’t want. Many arguments are had over me wanting to be in a real marriage with her and work towards a better future since we have kids and I also did not want her deported. In fact it was our children and fears of her being deported that drove a lot of the motivation in working out things with Jade.

(SEPTEMBER 2019) - I planned a huge vacation to San Francisco for both our birthdays including going to San Diego for Jade to see her friend and driving up the coast to San Francisco. This vacation was mostly a disaster in the fact that Jade clearly with her actions and how things unfolded, showed how much she did not care for me.
I had planned the entire vacation and had asked Jade to plan things as well and do research on what else we could do while driving up the coast and in San Francisco other than the things I already knew about. But as the trip went on, not only did Jade not plan or research anything at all, but my birthday felt especially lonely. Jade did not plan anything, get me anything, surprise me with anything or even make me feel loved. She even resisted intimacy on the beach. My first time ever camping out on the shores of a beach, for my birthday, which I planned, with a romantic evening in the realm of possibility, and Jade not even engaging in intimacy. The rest of the trip was a disaster as well with Jade continuously having a negative impact on anything else done. I felt truly that she did not want to be there or with me.

(OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2019) - Regular arguments are had about me suspecting Jade just using me for her green card and her overall involvement in the house/marriage. Numerous arguments were me being frustrated with the lack of responsibility and involvement, met with Jade promising she'll do better and that she truly does love me and does not want to leave. Even going so far as to convince me that she wants to plan having another baby with me. There are many texts to this nature, too many to quote showing her increasing the amount of talk about a future as the date of her immigration interview grew closer.

(12/04/2019) – On the day of Jade's immigration interview the morning starts out right away with an argument between us. I'm mostly depressed because I have no other option but to go through with things as opposed to the alternative with not going through with it. It just did not feel right and I had a feeling she just wanted her green card and did not love me. During the interview, Jade even argued with me, in front of the guy interviewing us.

(12/24/2019) - My texts to Jade about me being depressed and feeling used falls on deaf ears. Pleading my determination to find a way to work on our marriage, which has been missing from Jade the entire time since Jade has moved back in 2018. Jade does not respond at all.

(01/14/2020) - Jade verbally requested to have her living expenses supported separately while still being married. I refused. Later that day these texts took place:

    • 01/14/20, 12:13 PM - Jonathan: I tried to talk to you on you and wish you'd work it out with me, but you clearly have your plans, part in which I was used for your green card.
    • 01/14/20, 12:14 PM - Jade: Work what out there was nothing you said that would be different from anything we have tried before
    • 01/14/20, 12:14 PM - Jade: You still want me to be a part of businesses that I don't want to you still want me to do things I don't want to and essentially that is not going to make you happy which will affect our relationship
  1. Helped Petitioner prepare for her GED math test. Petitioner later states "He has tried to prevent me from working and perusing education"
    • 01/28/20, 4:22 PM - Jade: *sends a text message with a math problem*
    • 01/28/20, 4:22 PM - Jade: Do you know how to figure that out
    • 01/28/20, 4:23 PM - Jonathan: Yeah
    • 01/28/20, 4:23 PM - Jade: Does that mean that it's 363 - 86 squared
    • 01/28/20, 4:24 PM - Jade: And is that 86 squared 86 x by itself
    • At this point I went downstairs and helped Petitioner with math problems for over 2 hours.

(01/30/2020) – An argument over the state of the house when I came home from work, dog urine had been sitting all day. This argument led to my mother being called to the residence which Jade called Police cause she claimed being teamed up on. I left the residence with my mother, and was therefore no longer present, so there was no further argument, or any sort of duress. The conversation that took place, with Jade and the officers. Jade states "He's never hit me" and "He didn't actually touch me". The officer even asks "There was no physical violence tonight" and Jade shakes her head no, to agree that there was no violence. The police report even states that the event was a verbal altercation. I was not arrested and there was in fact no violence, "pinning down" or force used on Jade that was later claimed.

(01/31/2020) - Jade files for an order of protection from the previous night (01/30/2020) stating. "He pinned me down while laying in bed with my son and wouldn't stop even when I told him he was hurting me".

(02/02/2020) - Jade takes the children out for a photo shoot and Explora. I had requested her not to take our daughter out because she was sick, and concerns over COVID. Phone call placing Jade at Explora with both children at 3:01 PM from having left in the morning. Nova can be heard intermittently coughing with evidence of congestion in her coughs throughout

(02/03/2020) - Texts show that Jade is clearly not fearing for her life or treating our interactions with any sense of restraint.

(02/06/2020) - I was served the temporary order of protection and told to get anything I needed from my residence and to find somewhere else to go. My mother met me at the residence. On this day, Jade also filed a report that I told my mother to call her and intimidate her. This was not the case. However my mother did call her while she was in route to my house. I did not ask my mother to call her. This caused me to get a violation of the temporary order and a hearing for case T-4-DV-2020000563, which was later dismissed as baseless.

(02/13/2020) - I hired Jason M. Alarid for my DV case D-0202-DV-2018-00025.

(02/27/2020) - Jade uses the violation order as a vehicle to coerce me into agreeing to outrageous requests. Julia Petrucelli was the acting attorney for Jade by this time in the DV Case D-0202-DV-2018-00025. Julia Petrucelli followed through with Jade's requests instead of counseling Jade with reasonable advice or approach. It also shows that Jade is clearly not in fear or concerned for her safety and using this as a strategy. The following was requested:

Mr. Alarid,
I have spoken to Jade regarding a possible settlement of this matter without an Order of Protection hearing. If there is room for us to negotiate, I suspect we would need to file a Stipulated Motion to Continue the 3/3/2020 hearing to allow time to work out details and submit filings.

Jade would be willing to dismiss the Order of Protection on the following conditions:
  1. The parties file for divorce
  2. The parties enter a Stipulated Mutual No Contact Order in the DM
  3. The parties complete a child support worksheet
  4. Until the divorce finalizes with an equitable division of assets and liabilities, Jade continues to use the Dodge Caravan (I believe it is a 2017 model)
  5. Jonathan can live in the house pending finalization of the divorce as Jade intends to stay with friends
  6. Jonathan abides by the sponsorship agreement he signed in regard to her immigration case. I believe the best way to do this would be for the time being, Jonathan provide interim spousal support. This would allow Jade to get on her feet sooner.
  7. Jonathan releases Jade's cell phone number so she can keep her same number but have it on a new account, which he will not have access to. To do this, he needs to contact the carrier and inform them that he is willing to release the number. She can then transfer the number to her personal account.
  8. The parties file a Stipulated Court Clinic Referral Order to include a Priority Consultation and Psychological Testing/Assessments
  9. The parties enter into a Stipulated Interim Custody Order (outlined below)
    The terms of the Stipulated Interim Custody Order are as follows:
  10. Jade has sole legal custody and primary physical custody of both children
  11. Jonathan can have supervised visitation either at APN/Neutral Corner or at Martha's house:
    1. APN/Neutral Corner 2x/week for 2 hrs each visit. Parties pay own intake fees but visitation expenses are Jonathan's responsibility. OR
    2. Supervised visitation at Martha's (paternal grandmother) home at the following times:
      • Wednesdays: Our son gets out of school at 1pm. If Martha can have the children there beginning at 1pm, they can stay there until 7pm. Meaning, Jonathan can see the children from 1-7pm as long as the visits are supervised by Martha. If Martha is not available to have the children at her home at 1pm, Jade can bring the children there at 4pm and Jonathan can have visits from 4pm until 7pm. All exchanges are to occur at Martha's home.
      • Saturdays: Supervised visitation at Martha's from 10am until 7pm. All exchanges at Martha's home.
      • Martha must sign an Agreement and Oath of Visitation Supervisor and must remain within seeing and hearing distance of children and Jonathan at all times
      • Martha and Jonathan must both sign Agreements stating that they will not consume alcohol either before or during the visits
    3. As for baseball and cheerleading activities, Jonathan and Jade are free to simultaneously attend any of the events that occur throughout the week so long as they abide by the DM No Contact Order.

(03/09/2020) - I returned to the residence after Jade moved out of the house. Upon returning to the residence I recorded a video of the state of the house that Jade left it in, which also signified the living conditions in which the children were subject to while I was not present. This includes both toilets dirty with one of them in a very serious state of neglect and feces all over the place and floor in the children's bathroom, black mold in the shower that the children and Jade used and other messes about the house. While I was completely gone for the entire month, this was how the children lived and what they were subject to.

(03/15/2020) - I posted to facebook: "This is a time to come together for all loved ones, children and GRANDPARENTS! It's a Time to put aside all differences, arguments, disputes, grudges and distances. While this is may not be immediately serious for younger generations, older family members are at high risk. The economy also stands to take a huge hit causing unknown problems. Truth is, we don't know what tomorrow or the next day will bring. If you're distant from people you should be close to, go be with them. If kids are missing out on being with their family, make arrangements to bring them together.
Everything is shutting down, even the government is shutting down or postponing things left and right. So any city, county and government needs/involvements will be greatly impacted or delayed.
If you're keeping families apart or being distant for things that are smaller than this, ask yourself, what is it worth?

(03/16/2020) - Jade filed a violation report case T-4-DV-2020001182. This was the second alleged violation resulting from my post on Facebook. Since her mother saw it, Jade alleged that I messaged her mother to intimidate Jade. This was also later dismissed as baseless.

(03/23/2020) - Jade files for dissolution of marriage.

(03/24/2020) - Our daughter's 4th birthday passes without my ability to see her due to the order in place, give her any presents or even tell her happy birthday.

(04/03/2020) - D-0202-DV-2018-00025 case is scheduled for hearing on June 2, 2020

(05/08/2020) - Our son's 6th birthday passes without my ability to see him still due to the order in place, give him any presents or tell him happy birthday.

(05/28/2020) - Jade and Julia Petrucelli dismiss the D-0202-DV-2018-00025 case just 3 days before the hearing for the case. This after months of waiting because COVID allowed for delays in the hearing, and after multiple failed attempts to claim the temporary restraining order was breeched. This was done because there was no valid claim. The temporary order was just a stall tactic used to render the most damage to me.

(06/09/2020) - Monica Baca was hired as my divorce attorney.

(06/21/2020) - Father's Day passes with no contact or visitation from the kids even after restrictions had been lifted from the dismissed case.

(07/01/2020) - It was understood by Monica Baca that I could contact Jade and if I wanted to try to resolve things directly with Jade that I was more than welcome to. Jade engaged in text conversation with me about discussing court issues.

(07/14/2020) - During a visit to Home Depot, Jade was there with our son and daughter. Unfortunately, due to the pending violation cases still in place, I could not talk to Jade or be around her. This was one of the worst feelings and days in my life and surely more so for the kids as I had to ignore them. They saw me, our son said "Hi dad" and I waived at him but Jade corralled them away from me. I had to keep walking down the aisle, away from them. It turned my stomach badly thinking about how they must have felt, maybe thinking I don't love them or want to see them, like they're unwanted and I abandoned them.

(07/23/2020) – I took a PETH test with a low usage result (41ng/ml) consistent with a few drinks a few times a week.

(07/27/2020) - Jade supplies documentation for discovery request on expenses. In it, she puts down that she spends $58 on our children for clothes, and $140 on herself for clothes, Manicures, Jewelry and cosmetics. This seems about right with what her spending habits usually were.

(08/08/2020) – My first visit with our children. The first few visits were documented in detail then just summarized after.
Kids were left with no masks
No list, clothes or anything detailing care changes etc.
No diet directions or anything of when they last ate
Both kids eating habit still an issue
Our son still has a speech impediment

(08/12/2020) - Second Visit with the kids.
Our daughter had large 2" dia. bruise on forehead
No mention of homework or anything at school
Our son's eating habit more noticeable than our daughter's
Remaining visit logs can be seen in the visit log document

(08/19/2020) - Completed mental assessment with The Evolution Group with the following: "Thank you for your referral of Mr. Hernandez for a mental health screen. Mr. Hernandez signed a Release of Information to release the results of his screen to you. He presented himself for two assessment appointments via the Google Meets Platform. During the interview process, the client was open and forthcoming. Based on the results of the client's responses during the verbal portion of the interview as well as his responses to his screens, the client presents with stability in his daily living with no indicators of mental distress. Based on the information provided by the client during the interview and the additional screens, the client will not be referred for services at this time."

(08/22/2020) - Our daughter had a large cut on her upper lip. When asked, she said she fell. I also took a picture of the kids side by side showing additional cuts and bruises. The point of this was to highlight the minor bruises on both kids from the major ones. This picture demonstrates my understanding that kids get bumped and scraped. My concern is and was not over small bruises and scrapes, just over larger more concerning ones with higher negligence risk.

(08/31/2020) - Jury trial for T-4-DV-2020000563. While it was clear there was nothing warranted for this violation, Jade and her attorney changed the violation to a disorderly conduct offence before the trial date to avoid a Jury as a strategy. This was also dismissed in trial.

(09/04/2020) - Jade requested a payment of $72.40 for our son's dental appointment. Without any discussion or argument, I paid for the upcoming procedure at the dental office.

(09/05/2020) - During visit with the kids I found a large bruise on our son's back. With an explanation that he fell.

(09/17/2020) - In response to bruising on the children, Julia Petrucelli stated "Furthermore, the allegations regarding my client are absurd. The bruise your client is referring to is from the daughter doing gymnastics in the house". Jade allowed a four year old child do gymnastics in an apartment with no safety measures. The bruise was large enough that there were concerns over concussion or deeper injury. There is no excuse for allowing a kid to do an activity in a house around furniture and no safety measure where the child could acquire such a possibly life threatening injury.

(09/29/2020) - After being advised to report the bruises I called CYFD and made my report. This call was recorded. During the call I did raise my concerns over the following:
Bruising with the kids beyond the understandable "typical child's play" bruising which is excusable.
Jade's drug abuse
Jade's lack of proper supervision over the children which has been a concern from many witnesses
Our son having swallowed half a bottle of children's Tylenol and me coming home from work to Jade on the phone with poison control
Jade taking the kids to Explora against my wishes while our dauther was sick at the beginning of February also when COVID was a risk. There is a phone conversation as proof of this as well.
Children's diet and Jade's lack of concern even though our son was regularly constipated and crying on the toilet due to painful bowel movements.

(10/13/2020) - Without any information until the day before (10/12/2020), there was a motion hearing for violation of case T-4-DV-2020001182 itself. Apparently a message sent to Jade for a dentist appointment that originated from the dentist sent to both our phones, made Jade "fear for her life" as Jade has stated a number of times. This upset the judge immensely for wasting the courts time for what clearly was Jade trying to do anything possible to have me in violation. The Judge even told Jade to "Get a life". Result: MTN- No violation found Vacate status Keep jury.
It also should be referenced that incident 07/01/2020 that a previous actual conversation with Jade, where Jade had no awareness of Monica Baca advising me to text Jade. Jade engaged in direct conversation without fearing for her life and made no reports of it.
(10/21/2020) - Case T-4-DV-2020001182 was dismissed.

(11/18/2020) – Jade and I arranged to change the kid's visitation from 4pm-7pm to 3pm-6pm.

(11/25/2020) - Jade dropped the kids off at 4pm. The visit was nice but abruptly cut short due to Jade arriving at 6pm. This was not arranged and an upsetting surprise seeing as how Jade was fully capable of changing visitation times the previous week. Upon going outside to ask Jade what was going on, she stated "My lawyer said I do not have to make any changes or arrangements for visitation" So while she can change when she picks the kids up, she will no longer accommodate my mother's schedule of having to leave early, which is going to be a regular thing. Jade and I argued over this frustration which she was being difficult and arrogant about the whole thing and unwilling to accommodate.

(11/28/2020) - Another missed visit with the kids. My mother arrives and says she cannot do visitations anymore due to drama with Jade.

(12/01/2020) - Jade and her lawyer still intent on being difficult sent my lawyer an email stating that due to my mother's inability to continue the unneeded supervised visits that I need to figure out another arrangement such as APN or Neutral Corner, which I could not afford. Nothing about another person or, just maybe; maybe being reasonable and coming up with ideas for how I could still see my kids. Basically, just putting an end to my visitation with the kids.

(12/02/2020) - Jade and Julia Petrucelli make a request "I'm reaching out to you to see if we can work out another arrangement" and "My client wishes to get the visitation sessions back on track, so please let me know if you would like to begin utilizing APN or Neutral Corner or if you have an alternate proposal". My reply to my lawyer is "I think it would be good to sort out some alternative, but not only are supervised unnecessary as I've done everything asked of me and clearly show ability to responsibly father my kids, but APN and neutral corner are not an easy option. Not only are they financially prohibitive, especially with Jade claiming to not have any money which she does, but those options are backed up with covid, I already called. It would be a month with one and 3 weeks with the other. I am all for working with Jade on visitations, but she has to give as well." A more than reasonable response especially considering Christmas was only weeks away. Then, without any additional discussion, or negotiation, Julia Petrucelli files a NOTICE REGARDING STATUS OF VISITATION where she states:
14. On December 2, 2020, my Counsel responded with a request that I begin unsupervised visitation. My Counsel did not address the proposals to utilize APN or Neutral Corner.
15. The Court ordered and reaffirmed, via the Hearing Officer Report filed on November 18, 2020, that there were be no changes to interim custody or supervised visitation.
16. Jade believes supervised visitation is in the best interests of the children and Jade does not agree with my request to begin unsupervised visitation.
17. Should I agree to begin utilizing APN, Neutral Corner, or another suitable alternative for supervised visitation, Jade is willing to coordinate and begin the intake process.

Not only did she clearly ignore my input on APN, but she turned around and relayed to the court that I was essentially unwilling to work something out. When it was actually Jade and Julia that were unwilling to even respond, just plowing through the motions. They could have made any effort to ensure that our children would be able to see their father during and for Christmas to some capacity but refused, then went on to blame it on me as if I refused to reason with them.

(12/07/2020) - Urgent motion to enforce and Request for hearing is filed for timesharing and visitation.

(12/15/2020) - Order Appointing Family Court Hearing Officer and Evidentiary Hearing was set for December 28th. There goes Christmas with my kids.

(12/28/2020) - During the hearing my lawyer passionately expresses the need to have visitation with my kids in addition to it being unsupervised as I have more than satisfied the requests of the court. Even making a request for make-up time for the extended period that the missed out on. Julia Petrucelli surprisingly decides to go for gold and request not only supervised visitation at APN or Neutral corner, but goes on to say that they should also do an alcohol breathalyzer. Not one shred of evidence, testimony or otherwise has been presented by Jade or Julia Petrucelli in regards to any capacity of drinking on my part. In fact, the only hard evidence at this point about my fitness as a parent has been my low PETH test and a 2 day mental evaluation that was assessed as sane and sound.

(01/20/2021) – The dissolution trial started out with Julie Petrucelli suppressing of all my witnesses and exhibits. Yet on multiple occasions noted herein, pleas to strike evidence from Anthony Spratley, Monica Baca and myself were firmly unsuccessful. This list of evidence and witnesses were vital to my case in the financial and annulment aspects. But I was still forced to proceed with the annulment which we asked for a continuance on. I even passionately and with all facts of the case stated that we were not fully prepared for the annulment due to additional witnesses and having spent the entire time on defense and preparation on custody and the children to this point. This can easily be seen through the preceding hearings and actions. Here I am fighting for my kids and their well-being and all the focus has been on false accusations, finding full fault in my conduct, the financials, the annulment, and anything else but my ability to father our children. One funny part of things was Julia Petrucelli, for the third time, complaining about not having financial documents that was already provided to her on 8/24/2020, going as far to say that I have continued to refuse providing them. After that, while being forced to stand trial for the annulment without the witnesses and evidence supplied in a timely manner, Jade actually committed perjury! As a side note, the next day I spent a great deal of time looking up perjury and how the bar is set really high in proving it as well as it even being considered perjury. Jade certainly surpassed the bar and the proof is easy to show.
In addition to this Crystal Lees goes on to strip me of my civil rights by awarding Jade SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY, further enforcing the breathalyzer to picking up/dropping off the children and continuing with the tiny amount of time for visitation.

(03/02/2021) - I mention to Jade that I would like to have a phone for the kids be connected to a line that I'm ordered to pay for, that Jade is not using anymore. This way I could talk to them at any rate. Jade states: "I would really like to just keep things on here strictly about the kids and discussing things like puppies/phones should be done through the lawyers."

(03/06/2021) - Jade starts messaging on WhatsApp outside of OurFamilyWizard. The messages are straight forward at first, but by April, messages get more regular and even playful from Jade.

(03/22/2021) - Discussion with Jade about visitation takes place. Jade asked about having our daughter for Saturday because she planned a birthday party on that day and if I could switch to a Friday visit instead of the court ordered Saturday visit. Without argument or any difficulty, I agreed to switch the days, even though I would have liked to have had a party for our daughter on Saturday, especially since a Friday party during the early afternoon would not likely have a good attendance.

(03/24/2021) - I was finally able to see the kids, thankfully it was also our daughter's birthday, so a nice birthday surprise for her. Both kids also opened their Christmas presents during the visit since I have not seen them since Thanksgiving!

(03/30/2021) - I was able to save up on a card to give Jade $261.00 which Jade refused.

(04/13/2021) - Jade requests a time change again for visitation. I agree without argument or difficulty. At this time I also began conversation on discussing options or arrangements for our son's birthday coming up on 05/08.

(04/19/2021) - Jade requests a time change a third time for visitation. I agree without argument or difficulty.

(04/24/2021) - As advised, I created a list of things that I would like to move forward with in terms of the divorce, time sharing, our son's birthday, the kid's education and other items. A positive path forward, In it discussing options for separation/divorce etc. a one or two week on/off timesharing schedule and putting an end to the courts involvement to put the lawyer fees etc. to better use such as the kids and a better path forward.

(04/29/2021) - Jade responds to the positive path forward stating: "The answer to all your offers is no. Please stop messaging me on OFW regarding things that do not have to do with the children. Further, stop messaging me on WhatsApp". Seeing as how a positive path forward is not on the table, I figured neither were any of my repeated requests for birthday options, so I just requested to change the time for the Saturday 05/08 visit from 10-4 to 1-7. This was my first EVER request to change any times with the kids visitation. Without any mention whatsoever at all about our son's birthday party from Jade even though I have been trying to plan and request arrangements for anything at all and Jade was fully aware since 04/13/2021 that I was trying to plan something for his birthday, especially since I missed BOTH kid's birthdays in 2020. Jade states: "I'm sorry I already have plans and party time set for Sat at 4.30. Invitations have already been sent." The following exchanges that took place were mostly comical. With Jade stating "There doesn't seem to be any wiggle room this weekend for a party at the times you are suggesting. Before 1 is too early and after 7 is too late. Sunday is mother's day and people already have plans. I'm sorry." Which not only does she not seem like she really has a party planned due to the seemingly times that I could have proposed if say I said 11-5 or something, but also mentions Sunday being mother's day and how that is unacceptable to her. I replied with "There is Friday, I had our daughter's party Friday at a time that was after their school time even though they weren't physically in school then. I made that sacrifice for your party plans for our daughter's Saturday birthday. That is plenty of wiggle room." Jade then states, "Your options are Saturday 10-4 or anytime Sunday." Sunday, which is a date she refused.

(05/08/2021) - To no surprise, less than a quarter of the people invited came to our son's birthday party. Possibly due to it being at 11AM with invitations sent out only 5 days earlier.

(05/16/2021) - Having mentioned a number of times already about our daughter's dry skin. With today being the worst because our daughter's hands were actually cracked and bleeding! I made it clear that I was concerned and even though doing all that I could, even sending our daughter with a good quality skin crème, Jade still continues to neglect our daughter's skin care in addition to her hair care. I stated: "So I know I have made it clear a few times already, but you really need to make more of an effort to take our daughter's skincare more serious. Especially on her hands. For over a month now (since 04/10/2021) her hands have been so dry they are cracked and bleed. Yesterday was the second time I went to put *children's* sunblock on her and she cried about it burning her hands. This is unacceptable, her skin overall is dry and her hair is always ratty. I can only influence her so much that she's only here at my house for such short periods, it is each parent's job to teach their children good hygiene and care habits." As a side note, other than the one time that the kids came dressed up for an event, our daughter's hair continues to be ratty/tangled when picked up for visitation. Even past this date AFTER making note of it, currently to 08/21/2021 our daughter continues to arrive at APN with ratty/tangled hair.

(05/21/2021) - During our visit, I gave our son an award for math that I made as a large 20" x 27" laminated poster. I have been noticing more and more how he has taken to math really well and enjoys it a lot. I always picked up on his very analytical personality trait and glad to see him aspiring in something very important. It wasn't even for anything he'd accomplished or some sort of math test in school etc., it was really just out of nowhere because I have been wanting to reward him for it for a while now and this seemed to be a great way. Something that says I'm proud of you and what you're doing. Along with a large ice cream sundae!

(05/24/2021) - The Nerve! I couldn't believe it! Jade messages out of the blue requesting: "Hey Jon, so I was wanting to discuss with you plans for the summer. The kids and I are wanting to plan a trip to see Tracy and them for a week in June from the 14th to the 21st, the dates are kind of flexible as long as we are there on the 18th and 19th for the kids birthday parties. So wanted to discuss what is best for you to accommodate make up times either before we go or after we come back. I'm also open to adding the hours for the visits you will miss onto the days you see them so for example if we are gone and you miss a total of 9 hours if you want to add those hours onto your existing days that way you can maybe plan a full day trip somewhere with them too like dropping them off early at 8/9am and then returning them back at 8pm (I believe apn closes at 8). Please let me know what will work best for you."
WOW, as if the whole birthday party arrangement thing for our son just two weeks ago never happened. Not only that, this whole time Jade has gone on trips, out of state, consistently has the kids over months without my ability to see them and all I get are the 7 hours a week without being able to take the kids anywhere reasonably distant due to available time. And all she can offer me is a few hours extra somewhere, not an overnight or anything longer so hay, maybe I can take them on a trip somewhere.

(05/26/2021) - On the drive back to APN, our daughter told me that they're gonna see Ivy on the 18th and that she's coming out here to Albuquerque because I did not let them go out there to see her. This means that Jade told the children that I did not agree to let her go out of town. Wow, what the kids must think of me! Parents should never be telling young kids these types of adult conversations!

(06/02/2021) - Jade goes not only against court orders and makes a major change without my permission to our kid's insurance, but spits in the face of all those who are not in a good financial position. Even though it is ordered that our kids remain on my insurance, Jade places them on Medicaid. I have some theories as to why, but I won't write my speculations here. Her excuse which is obviously a lie, is that the cost of deduction/out of pocket expenses are high. Yet, as I have proven before and have all along, that I have been paying any out of pocket expenses for all of our family medical expenses. One recent example: the documented dentist visit on 09/04/2020, which I paid $72.40 without any discussion or argument. The APN staff held on the kid's medical cards that she didn't take. But in an interesting twist is that she held on to the medical card that had her name on it. So I guess the state can pay for the kids medical expenses from funds better spent on families that truly need help, even though they already have medical coverage from my insurance, but I can surely pay for any out of pocket medical expenses for Jade.

(07/28/2021) - On this funny occurrence that adds to mounting evidence that Jade is just making a mockery of the system and other true victims from actual abuse out there. I was told that Jade did not like to see me when I park where I sometimes parked due to parking availability at APN. The wording on record was: "Mom mentioned to staff that she did not feel comfortable having dad parked on the side of the road, because she feels as he could see her and she does not like that"... are we now children ourselves? All I could hear throughout the day in my head was when kids are fighting and one says "MOM, He's looking at me!"
And it is not like there have been plenty of occasions that I have "seen" her. All of 2020, when she would drop the children off for visitation I would be in plain view. Not only that, but Jade just recently spent over a month joking with me, talking on WhatsApp sometimes with friendly conversations that were not about anything having to do with our kids (I still don't know what that was all about, maybe mental stability or bi-polar behavior?). I guess when Judge Henry A. Alaniz told Jade to "Get a life" she has yet to find one.

(09/04/2021) - I find out Jade had left the country leaving our minor children with who knows who. Jade hid from me that she was leaving the country for a vacation, but was gone for at least a week. Our children ended up staying with me until Tuesday morning which Jade agreed to. During the time our children were with me Jade had a video call with the children, in it, Jade was getting spa treatments done. The weekend was very rewarding for both of our children and me. Even upon telling the children they were going to stay with me for the weekend they both burst into happiness that they could spend more time with me. Our son saying that he never thought they could go with me on an overnight and was asking how many hours it will be until Tuesday, as he always asks about how much time is left during visits when he is having fun. Honestly, our son is obsessed with math, numbers and time, it's really cute. We ended up going camping and lit off the fireworks that I have been saving for them since early 2020. Ultimately having an eventful visit where our children genuinely enjoyed themselves. On Tuesday morning they were clean, had breakfast and were ready for school when Jade picked them up at my residence at 7:30 am.

(09/04/2021) - After several weeks of noticing how our son's speech problem has developed into stutter. Mostly due to him becoming more aware of his inability to pronounce certain letters correctly. I can tell because his stutter is not like an inability to get the word out, it is him actually repeating the word and you can see him the way he looks deep in thought between each repeated attempt. Observing him doing this I can clearly see him being frustrated in his acknowledgement of it. My major concern now is him developing self-esteem issues or lacking the ability to feel confident around his peers. I asked Jade in our messaging portal "What is the name of Calvin's speech therapist and how long has he been going?" thinking he was already in speech therapy since it was brought up several times in court. I wanted to get in touch with his thought to be therapist to inquire about his progress or what to expect or really, anything. But Jade responds with "He doesn't have a speech therapist" then goes on to make excuses saying he doesn't need it claiming school testing. However his preschool and kindergarten teachers both highly recommended speech therapy stating that if it doesn't get addressed it will become a more pronounced problem. Which it seems to be firmly past that point. Normally one would report this somewhere possibly even CYFD. But we all know they have a bias agenda at this point and cannot even do their job correctly. I feel I have no avenue to enforce our son getting a very important life changing therapist for his speech.

More incidents pending